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  1. page Gender Roles and Stereotypes Found in Disney Films edited Gender Roles in Disney Films Introduction Introduction: Almost everyone grew up watching Disne…
    Gender Roles in Disney Films
    Almost everyone grew up watching Disney films; we remember the characters and the story lines well. Many little girls wanted to grow up to be Belle or Cinderella and many little boys wanted to be Aladdin or Hercules I can remember going to the hairdresser when I was little and asking her to make my hair long and blonde like Sleepy Beauty's. These characters were our idols; they embodied everything that we wanted to be when we were young.
    Why though, when we look back at the films now, they seem a bit different; we are a bit uncomfortable with what we see? Is it because we see some of the innuendos that we inevitably missed as children? Is it that Princess Jasmine's clothes are just a little too tight for our liking? Or is it that we realize that the Beauty and the Beast are in an abusive relationship?
    It is important to study gender stereotypes and roles in class so that our students recognize these roles and are hopefully able to detach themselves from some of the negative ones. Healthy body image is so important to have in life, but our students are being told that who they are and what they look like isn't good enough. By exposing the evils of gender stereotyping, we are empowering our students to break free of society's plans for them and forge their own path in life.
    Female Stereotype Examples in Disney
    unmarried (14)."
    We also see many commonalities in terms of body type: the princesses all have long legs and small waists. Their facial features are dainty and feminine. They have long hair, flawless skin, and have nice clothes (with the exception of "pre-princess" Cinderella). The princesses are good singers, wealthy, and many of them seem to thoroughly enjoy household chores, such as cleaning. They have seemingly perfect lives and their beauty only helps them advance in life. We often see the princesses posing suggestively or "turning on the charm" to get what they want from men:
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  1. page Teaching Rhetoric Using Advertisements, Canonical Texts, and Film edited ... Media and consumer literacy should therefore play major roles in the modern high school curric…
    Media and consumer literacy should therefore play major roles in the modern high school curriculum. The steadily growing media literacy movement is aiming to address these new pedagogical necessities; however, administrators and communities have been surprisingly hesitant in responding to these needs, most likely because they conflict with traditional curricular designs. This needs to change. If schools are to adequately prepare students for the twenty-first century, we need to revamp outdated instructional models to reflect the realities of a “wired” world.
    In the opening chapter of Digital and Media Literacy, Renee Hobbs points out that “it is through digital media, mass media, popular culture, and technology that we will get most of our information and entertainment across the span of a lifetime.” She continues, asking, “Shouldn't students get some meaningful opportunities to analyze and evaluate the way these messages and experiences work in contemporary culture?” (8). The answer to this question should seem obvious.
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